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How To Make The Most of Matte Black Tapware

Posted on August 16 2018

How To Make The Most of Matte Black Tapware

It’s true what they say; the devil is in the detail. This adage is important to bear in mind when thinking about matte black tapware.

If you have been on Instagram, homeware blogs and Pinterest in the last six months you would have surely come across matte black tapware. It’s all the rage in the interior design world at the moment – and it’s one trend that is not slowing down.

You may be asking yourself why at this point. Surely, when it comes to redoing a bathroom there are more important aspects to focus on than taps – and it’s true; baths, showers, tile choice and what not, are often the hero pieces of most bathrooms.

But herein lies the beauty of the trend. Matte black tapware turns the simple, humble tap into the feature piece. And the result, if the trend is introduced correctly, is beautiful and subtle at the same time.

It’s a very sleek highlight piece, that adds a modern touch to any space. It’s an easy way to add class to a bathroom – as it’s something different. Too much of a high gloss finish always feels a bit cheap if you ask us.

We don’t see the matte black trend going anywhere, anytime soon, so how do you build your space around it?

Good question. The name of the game here is contrast; if you want your piece to truly stand out, you HAVE to set it off against lighter colours. Think white, taupe, creams, and light stone like marble. That way the colour and texture doesn’t get lost or overwhelmed.

Now, let’s get to that aforementioned texture. Matte is defined as a smooth even surface free from shine or highlights and it’s usually coarse to the touch. It is a fun element to play with, but you have to know what you’re doing with it. If your space has too much texture, it’s a hot mess and you will lose the impact of the tapware. Not enough texture, and the space is dull and won’t leave said impact. To add definition and contrast to your space we recommend offsetting your tapware against a shiny surface.

Here are some of our favourite looks: